Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Texting and Driving

 I came across such a fantastic ad campaign today.
The communication is centered around highlighting the dangers of texting and driving, but with a really nice twist. The agency is Leo Burnett Tailor Made in Brazil, and the print ads were made for the car company Fiat. Using well-known last words of famous figures throughout history they suggested that they could be your last words  as well, if you texted them while driving. I think the idea is quite genius. See, when I look at ads these , I think I'm in the wrong field because I could never do what these guys did. I wish I could think like that.
Take a look:

Salvador Dali
Martin Luther King

Winston Churchill
Charles Darwin

Julius Caesar
Mother Teresa

Aren't they awesome??
 If your having trouble reading the copy, it says  :

"If you want your last words to be the same as (famous person name) simply text (last words)while you drive.

I love the clean design, the different cell phone shapes, and the tongue-in-cheek approach.I like they created a series of six, so each adapt has something new to offer. Really good work from the agency and props to Fiat for going with this.

Please Breakup! Please!

 I'm sure everyone has had a friend be in a mutually destructive relationship, and constantly whine about the unwanted drama in their life, while you sit tight lipped , controlling the goddamning urge to scream at her/him/them for what seems the millionth  time  "Please! For the Love of God! Breakup! You’re not good for each other!"
Right? We’ve all either witnessed such a coupling or experienced it for ourselves, so I know you know what I'm talking about. When it’s apparent to everyone except the couple themselves that they do not love each other. Not in a good way, at least. They may have when they knew nothing about each other, but ever since they did -they didn’t. But somehow, I don't know what it is that every new dawn, or every night sky brings that they decide to give it another go, because deep down they know they're "meant for each other". They're not. Despite their tremendous efforts it’s still a sinking ship. You know it. Her friends know it. His friends know it. The birds even know it yaar. Everyone, even they themselves feel it, but the problem is that they feel so many different things that it all becomes a little muddy. The simplest option is to try, yet again.
I kinda feel that Pakistan and the US are in the same boat.
Seriously. Every time one party ducks up, or the other does indulges in yet another asshole-ish activity, you think seriously? Still? Like its not even new anymore. It’s the same. Same old issues that have been haunting the union from the cursed beginning. I've literally grown up to the background of this horrible, never ending, can't-live-with-you-can't-live-without-you relationship. It’s been a terrible influence. Haven't they had enough? Why do helpless citizens have to pay for their strong sadomasochistic inclinations?
They didn't even have a honeymoon period (not really) which is an essential right of every relationship-no matter how sucky it’s going to be in the future. What does that say? I mean that's got to be a sign. And it’s not a good one.
Its like this hot girl (US) started flirting shamelessly with this non-assuming, conservative, seedha boy  with potentially useful connections (Pak) , duped him into getting married with a fake pregnancy scare, and a marriage ultimatum, thinking she'll mold  him into the man she wants him to be and never ended up succeeding, at least not like she expected. In fact it kind of backfired. The relationship was doomed from the start.  The girl always found ways to screw over the guy , and somehow make it as though it was his own fault. He drove her to it, she claimed. The boy, submissive at first, later decided ---- her I'm going to get back at her, she's using me. But these were all internal feelings that were never vocalized or mediated upon. The whole world knew it’s a sham, but somehow they managed to fool themselves into thinking that they are successfully keeping up the pretense when they would profess their love for each other, despite all the hardships and the relationship’s many shortcomings. There came periods of sincere/non-sincere (it’s hard to tell now, it’s been so long) efforts from both parties to try and make it work but failed each time. The girl became more and more precarious about her betrayals, increasingly vocal to her friends about him being a mistake. He started telling her off, which he never used to and doing things as he pleased. Sometimes even indulging in questionable moves himself, just to remind himself that he is after all a man, all the while making the girl think that he was trying to do his best to make all her wishes come true. Basically they really messed with each others head.
Mind gaming like you were back in high school.
The Osama debacle was the relationship equivalent of  the guy having known the truth about the girl all along, and not only  indulging in extra-marital affairs at every chance he got  ( as the girl had been suspecting for a while), but even harboring an illegitimate son, and claiming that he never knew that he was the father. That it was as much a shock for him as it was for her, despite having a father-son bond with the child that he had been told was his lover's son from a previous tryst.
All this, after telling the girl that he had no desire to be a father, because he didn't have the paternal instinct in him.
The son lived two streets away and apparently the guy never knew that he was his own offspring. Potentially possible, highly doubtable, and unconditionally irredeemable.
So over-night the screwed became the screw-ee. The tables turned. The guy was now perceived to be the evilest incarnation of evil that had existed. Some defended him, but the girl capitalized on every moment to fling mud on his face. The girl after years of victimizing, adopted the role of the saint, the betrayed. Yet she didn't leave him.
She played her cards well.
All this until recently, when another one of her multitude of promiscuities made the media rounds again. She had screwed up again, and due to the former humiliation the boy had suffered because of her going public with his bastard's existence he decided that he won't let this go easily.
Too much bitterness. Too many suppressed feelings of anger, hurt and resentment towards all the things they thought they would accomplish and they didn't. Once upon a time, maybe at the beginning of beginnings they had experienced the wonderful unknowingness of what might come. Despite all their differences, they might find a common ground. They didn’t. Too much time wasted. Nothing to show for it, except the loss of an entire lifetime. Its time they both let go. Decide to really listen to the universe and realize, that this is not good for either of them. Of both the two parties, one is more screwed than the other, but that doesn't mean that the less-screwed party is a winner by any stretch of the imagination. Understand this. I may have put this in very simple terms, and left out so much of what has happened, but the bottom line is that neither party is happy. They haven’t been in a long time, and have become disillusioned with the whole idea as a result.
Be civilized, try to be as kind as you can be in this period of transition .I don't expect this breakup to not be dirty (because so few of them are), but try and be the best you can be.
And don’t stalk each other on facebook.
Trust me, this is for your own good.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Really Cool nails-II

YSL has come out with a modernized re-interpretation of the french manicure, inspired by its classic Le Smoking tuxedo. Black  is certainly back for the nails, and so soon after it left. Wasn't it only last year when we saw black nails everywhere? But this manicure is infinitely more chicer. I mean I want it, and that's coming from someone who rarely ever wears nail polish, and has never thought that black nails ever looked nice. I just felt they were too goth/emo for my style.But this looks really nice. Like I'm tempted to online order. I'm never tempted to online shop nail color of all the wonderful things in the world. Anyway, so the Le Smoking nail color is sold in a set of two polishes. One is shiny black and one is matte black, the idea is to do do the tip of the nail in a different finish from the base of it. Both variations work, I personally prefer the matte base and shiny tip. More subtle.


I think loafers look so nice these days, very simple, chic and put together.Androgynous, yet feminine at times.
Loves these ones from Fratelli Rossetti.

My Dream Vacation House

Everyone has a dream house right? Dream location, dream architecture, dream view, so on and so forth. I've always dreamed of a dream vacation house somewhere in the outskirts of an Italian city due to my  superman-strong feelings towards Italian cuisine, and the beautiful Tuscan sun which gives a gold-honey tan. A nice little place to chill,  where I can get around to doing simple  natural things , adopt a bicycle as a mode of transportation for the entire length of that stay no matter how far I have to go. Get Gisele-like legs by the end of it.
You get the gist right? An imaginary house in an imaginary life.
One of the reasons that I am pretty adamant about this particular dream is because I kinda have the house/location selected. Yeah its a different story that the villa now is renovated into a five star luxury hotel- but hey, dreams have no fiscal/ general life constraints right? Its gorgeous beyond belief. You might want it for yourself  after you see it, but before you do I am binding you in an invisible, eternally relevant, possibly fatal promise that you'll never want it for yourself. It will never become your dream. Come on... that wouldn't be fair to me. You can come visit.

Placed on the slope of Fiesole’s elegant hill,  Il Salviatino is a stone throws away from Florence and as you can see it offers breathtaking views of Florence and the Fiesole landscape. Just look at it. Isn't it beautiful? Can't you just imagine me living here 2-3 months in the year? Can you imagine what all that green would do to you? I'd be such a good person if this were to happen. I don't need for the villa to be this big, but the architecture and the location is to perfect to mess around with you know? I mean what would be the point of tearing it down and having a smaller place made-just because I can- you know? That would be too bratty . And bratty people don't deserve to have such a beautiful vacation house, so I will let the villa be no matter how The Shining-ish it feels.

Okay, so yes- lust after it all you want, as long as you know that this is mine at the end of the day. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Am I supposed to be excited about the The Muppets ?

 I just don't get it.
In the recent few weeks there has been a whole lotta buzz about The Muppets on the web, in preparation for the movie release starring (and written by) Marshall from How I met Your Mother. Now see, I haven't seen the Muppets in recent times and don't really remember it as a kid- so I'm finding this whole hype,  the box office success, the critics raving about it and people going crazy over it a bit weird. Like, I'm not sure what it is- but the understanding I have of The Muppet phenomenon  is that they formed a big part of America's childhood a few decades earlier- and so the movie was a widely anticipated walk down memory lane. That really cute. really. But to have an article about how Miss Piggy handles the paparazzi? The Muppet characters indulging in all the pre-release activities like major talk shows? The talk show hosts pretending they're talking to you know, a real person? Seriously?
My intention isn't to ridicule, but to genuinely try and understand this craze. I mean, I know animated films get hyped quite a bit. Toy Story, Smurfs blah blah but with the Muppets, the people are taking it up a notch. There was a whole slide show dedicated to Miss Piggy's sartorial choices. Somethings amiss right?
Or maybe I just don't get it.
 But listen to this. Miss Piggy has collaborated with designers lie Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung. I mean what the...? what is this?? She was once on the cover of people magazine. People take her seriously.
I even tried googling 'Muppets Phenomena', but apparently that's some Muppet song.
Can someone please explain?

Saturday, 26 November 2011


 You have have haveeee to read this!
This blog is one of the funniest things Ive ever come across. Trust me. Of course some entries are infinitely more funnier than others, but this guy- he's just amazing. From what I've understood of it, he's mostly bored and likes to mess around for the fun of it and to entertain himself. Its hilarious- what all he does. The first time I came across one of his posts , Missing Missy- I was at work and I wouldn't control myself from laughing hysterically. I trieed my best, because I was a work after all, so there needs to be some semblance of a professional decorum- but despite my best efforts I  could'nt help it. I literally had to take breaks from it to try and manage the laughter. And again the same thing happened today. I read Ten Formal Complaints- which are basically ten complaints that a co-worker he likes to harass has filed against him. You have to go through both of them. Trust me.

Missing Missy:

Ten Formal Complaints:


J.K. Rowling knows best

I don't think I've ever discussed Harry Potter in this blog before, but I'm guessing it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anybody that I'm a huge fan and I thank God for sending us  J.K.Rowling everyday. I mean her mind, and imagination is nothing short of a miracle. How does one even think of all the things she created out of thin air? Her imagination , her ability to create characters, situations, worlds, and make them come to life  is nothing short of a testament to God.Yes I know, apparently alot of it is inspired and picked from various myths and legends. I say so what? We're all inspired by the world and its unimaginable history - so what if she picks up a few things?. The point is for about ten years she managed to keep the whole world hooked. When the series ended, the world was at a genuine loss..."what now?"  The themes are basic, and yes at times so cheesy but she always makes you feel part of the adventure- which is commendable. And of course I don't need to defend her, I mean she isn't one of the richest women in the world and the most widely read author for nothing. 
Maybe its blackmagic.

Anyway I came across something she said which I found really amusing, and I accept as having some truth in it, because if I've learned anything form her books about a fantasy world -its that she knows human nature.I just don't like that human beings in personal/ universal retrospectives end up, despite their best efforts, being their own worst enemy. Or looking like complete idiots. Why?

"Humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them"

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Accepting Expensive Gifts on just this One Occassion

 I really wish I could run a credit card ring without the threat of possibly maybe spending a good portion of my life behind bars, and being stamped with this 'criminal' label. But then I see pieces like these, and I think you know, it might well be worth it. I saw this Maison Martin Margiela sweater with detachable elbow length leather gloves- and what a fun design. I love the colors, light gray and coffee beige, I appreciate that they kinda overstep on the obvious s&m element of the gloves. Just imagine it in black. You know what I mean? Complete different vibe. Definitely not this harmless.
But this just seem sooo cool I'd love love, love to wear. Kinda like boots for your hands in a way na. I love leather accented sweater/jacket these days- they add such a nice element to the usual cable knit, wool and company.The casualness of the gray seems wonderfully weird with the leather gloves which undeniably adds a much more refined element to the look. So the mix of lazy/put together is the most interesting part for me.
If anyone feels like I should be the proud owner of this sweater, and want to buy it for me- please feel free.Its $ 1400 and available at

Its official. Im boring.

So I mentioned this fantasy series a few days ago...back when I was reading the third book na. Well yesterday, I finished the fourth book as well and found out that there is a released fifth book as well. I was ecstatic to find out that I had one more book to go, because I've been inhaling these books- and well I might need them for life support. So I remembered the fifth book wasn't at home, because I had sent it to a friend accidentally thinking it’s the first book, months before I had started reading them. Now I needed it. Badly. Incidentally, my phone got barred yesterday so I couldn't get in touch with anyone, yet I made the effort to borrow using a colleague’s phone and trying to locate the book and make sure that it would be home when I would be home. My efforts failed. I didn't know how to solve this, without being anal and obsessive about it. And I'm rarely either of those things (I think), so I thought, 'choro; kal' knowing that this would be no mean feat. I knew that in a certain way, (as pathetic as it sounds) , I was pushing my fragile boundaries. I had finished the book sometime in the morning- and well it was late evening now, and the urge to know what was happening in this parallel world that had somehow become an alternate reality for me was blinding, itching, and consistently present. Also, did I mention the fifth book in a 6 part series, and if I were to base it on my sister's big mouth there were huge surprises waiting for me. How can you resist knowing?  I managed to distract myself for a few hours, and then some - I was waiting till half past midnight because I wanted to watch the recap of MasterChef , and tbh, the hours seemed to be never ending. I didn't know what to do till 12.30am. How do I kill the time? It seemed that I had forgotten what my life was before the series, before last week. Or well, the alternatives were too weak to even put up a fight. Watch a movie? Watch a series? How blah, I was enjoying reading so much- watching seemed like a waste of time.
 I managed to get through the night.
So today I woke up, and thought lets go pick up the book before I head to work. Then thought, hold your horses- It will happen. I've come this far, lets save it for a single, non-interrupted sitting. It will be so awesome right?

Yes I know.
I need to die.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bad Butt Injections

If any of you are Huffington Post readers, you might have come across this article on a man/woman performing illegal medical cosmetic procedures on bechari vulnerables looking for a cheap fix for their self esteem issues.
The guy, Oneal Ron Morris, who identifies himself as a female, has performed the various procedures on himself, and is kinda a prime example of how plastic surgery can go really wrong, especially if the person is a shady backside/alley doctor without a practitioners license.
 Apparently the 'doctor', took $700 for multiple injections that were supposed to result in an enhanced butt , which she  believed would get her a job at a nightclub. Apparently the doctor injected his clients with a toxic concoction of cement, superglue and flat-tire sealant.
No jokes.
Can you believe that? What I find most scary is that whoever opted for this procedure didn't back out when they saw that they were going to be injected with cement. The incision was apparently covered with super glue. Nothing shady about that right? .I don't know who is to blame more you know? It’s so scary what people are willing to do out there for money, but what’s infinitely more frightening is that people will believe anything they want to believe. Their hope / desire is blinding and essentially, crippling.
It’s not wrong to have your hopes defy logic. Of course they do, in fact all great hopes defy every ounce of rationale that exists within us. But to blind someone to the degree that they willfully go against every little morsel of logic and intuition is not a comforting thought.
Flat tire sealant!! How??
If cement was actually used as fillers in such procedures I would expect that little tid-bit of information to acquire a certain level of fame no? Like mindless trivia stuff. Alternatively the victims could have researched their respective procedures prior to the event itself. The internet is not just for facebook you know. But the victims (yes there are more than one), somehow went through with it. I’m sure they probably got the feeling that something was amiss- but they went ahead anyway because they sooooo badly wanted that enhancement. Which says a lot about the world we are living in. People are willing to forgo all common sense just to conform to a certain perception of ___________ or hot.
Acha, wait wait, cherry on top of the cake. The trans-gender doctor who performed the butt enhancement procedure, had apparently performed it on himself as well. And honestly, one look at his body and your reaction should be “Never in a million years” (God Forbid). I mean the botched job is a travesty, a sacrilege. How does a woman trust somebody to perform a cosmetic/medical procedure that is a walking example of how it can really go wrong?
Take a look, and then you’ll know

  Honestly these pictures are just so weird I feel that they might be doctored a little bit. Don't know for sure though, but don't think so because it’s being circulated heavily in American media - which is to say nothing about its legitimacy but still let’s see.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cushnie et Ochs

I am so excited , its been a while since I've come across something/anything I have to have.
Yes seriously.
I didn't know about this designer duo called Cushnie et Ochs and they make such sexy wearable clothes. Like I have to have one of the white dresses. You'd feel like a hundred million dollars in it. The world would be at your feet.So sexy. And its white. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I am on a permanent quest for the perfect white dress. Beautifully tailored, no embellishment, nothing just cuts cuts cuts, and what was even more amazing was that when I was seeing the runway shots, the dressed looked better on girls who were more filled out rather than the stick thin ones. Isn't that like the best news you've heard in a millenia?

Okay lemme show:

These are all spring summer 2012 RTW btw.

Salmon Sashimi Dreaming

Smoked Salmon, or well Salmon in general has this strange hold over me. Every time I come across salmon, even if just in pictures or like today, just the name- my mouth starts watering like there is no tomorrow. I can almost taste it, but not fully and that little gap between almost tasting and actual tasting is one of the most un-turn-downable feelings I have ever experienced
Usually I prefer smoked salmon over normal salmon sashimi any given day of the week. No questions asked. But the salmon sashimi at Fuji is just another level. Like it’s a whole new realm of sashimi ; one that you have never entered before. Ok that’s an exaggeration. Maybe what would be infinitely more honest is that I somehow enjoy the sashimi at Fuji more than any other place in the world (probably because I don’t order sashimi anywhere else).
Plain sushi  (nigiri) tends to be thinly sliced- very carpaccio-ish, without the seasoning of course. So you don't get much of the meat flavour, or you do, but not enough.Especially cos the rice kinda balances it out. But the salmon sashimi at Fuji is different and well, just plain beautiful. Thick, uniform slices of beautiful, pink, glossy, fresh, raw meat. Sliding and slipping in your mouth, the creamy texture and the delectable flavors that you can’t quite grasp, and the sheer gorgeousness of the knowledge that it’s probably the most 'natural' thing you'll ever have. And it’s perfect in its naturalness.
 I won’t say that it’s like a warm hug to the soul like chocolate cake, because it’s definitely not as homey. But it does induce a very all-encompassing feeling, kinda like infatuation without the anxiety.You know what I mean?

Ok I have to stop, or the craving won’t go.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Dear Client Services, the lowliest of lowlifes.

If you have ever worked in an ad agency, you will know that there is always a tug of war between the creative dept and the account services/client services dept. As a creative myself, I must say that on this day of all days I have realized that CS is usually  consistency mainly compromised of spineless tools- who say yes to everything the client says, not realizing that the creative is run by humans not machines-who actually have to 'create' something that can be shown to the client. As the word may suggest to you, the process of 'creating' something is not instant. It takes time. It takes effort. It requires a process that cannot be derailed anytime a more urgent deadline shows up. It must not be. Yes I may be romanticizing the process of creating a bit too much, but the romantification is not too far fetched.
Yes I understand, this is the nature of the business, in fact any business. Urgent deadlines have the annoying knack of appearing out of nowhere, and you have no real option but to meet them. Its okay, I get it. These things happen.
But what annoys me is that some clients pull such stunts every time as though they are bloody Mobilink that we should put up with their tantrums, cos we're paid to put up with them. No. I'm talking about comparatively smaller clients (much smaller) , who expect us to do their (shit) work, on a half day dead line, as though we are workers living in their house, drinking their chai patti. The problems, the delays, the stalling most usually lies on their end, but yet we are supposed to give them the work a sneeze's notice. Yes I know. We are an ad agency. This is part of our job. But why the hell cant the CS tell the minuscule client, that hey, listen, not tomorrow- how about day after? Or in two days? They will wait a day. It’s fine. I promise you they won’t throw a hissy fit. And if you tell them that you’re creative is currently over worked, and understaffed they probably will understand, or at least understand that the next time, maybe they shouldn’t give such a close deadline. Wouldn’t that be better for all of us? Wouldn’t it?
Yes it would.
Also, another message for the CS. Please do not loiter around in the creative dept. We are not your friends. We are not interested in your jokes. They are not funny. Even if they were, we wouldn’t laugh. Please do not think that you can come and chill in here and take your phone calls in here. This isn’t the play area. Not yours at least.

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

So my sister was after my life to read this fantasy series.
It was (and still is) a tremendous feat to get her to shut up about the books once she starts. I guess maybe cos she discovered them so she feels it’s her duty to pass on the message to the world. In all honesty, she was right- book ka level hai. But I think I read it after ready a few literary types so more than anything, I found this to be a very easy read- and very addictive. Sometimes it’s so refreshing to read  a book that is a pure ' blockbuster' , and doesn’t go onto deep, philosophical tangents and instead keeps thing at a surface level. You know what I mean?  When the only aim of the book is to tell you a story, without too much emphasis on evoking certain responses from the reader. And what a story Michael Scott has ( the office! I know!) written. The basis of his fantasy series is- that behind every myth/legend is a gravel of truth. He has gone and conjured this fantastical story combining magical elements, humans and unbelievable realities. Oh also, it’s quite fast invariably you’ll end up finishing each book in the matter of a day. I'm on the third one already, there are  five out and the sixth (and possibly last?) one is yet to arrive. So if your aim is to just get lost in something, pick up this series.

My favorite line form the series yet ( it snot a very line-y book)
  “We are nothing more than the sum of our memories and experiences”

Bottega Venetta Music

It seems like luxury labels are branching out into everything these days. No stone is to be left unturned. Really, its not just about clothes, shoes, bags anymore...playing cards, iPod/iPad covers, chocolates even- everything has a designer option. Music too it seems. Bottega Venetta- has come out with a two-disc compilation album featuring a medley of past runway show and store playlists, in time for the holiday season. Tomas Maier, the creative director of the brand teamed up with DJ Michael Gaubert on Intreccio Uno to create the playlist. Artists featuring on the eclectic album include French pianist Maxence Cyrin, English rock group The Heavy and Norwegian producer Lindstrøm, whose track "Lovesick" accompanied the Fall/Winter 2010 womenswear show. The case cover features images from the Bottega Venetta Fall 2010/11 advertising campaign.

What a brilliant idea na?? Although I'm not sure if people really by cds anymore, but they can order this for $45, and you know have a little designer something or send it out as a gift. Irrespective of the redundancy of the gift itself, you can let it slip cos its Bottega Venetta, a luxury label- in this day and age of MP3 , if there’s a cd worth having its probably this one- it’s got the classic Bottega Venetta woven leather print on the cd. Très chic packaging, Très intelligent marketing, and Très stupid for us to fall in the designer trap. Of course now that we are in it, there is no way out. So come on now, go online and order the Bottega cd, its kinda sexy looking, would look nice in your car.

Friday, 18 November 2011

A Glass of Water

 You know, the other day I realized the magical properties of water.
Was in a weird mood, you know the kind that induces a very clausto feeling. None of my usual remedies were making me feel any better. They were just providing temporary relief, and that too in a half-assed way. Soon it was bedtime. I performed my usual routine of fetching  a bottle of water from the kitchen, filling up a glass and drinking it on the way to my room. I cannot tell you how good it felt.  I felt the knots dissolve, quite literally. Each sip made everything a little better. And oh, the effect of huge gulps. I filled up another glass and literally chugged it. Felt so good. I will never say this again, but I doubt diet coke would've ever done that. I'm not going to say that the water completely vanquished every trace of that feeling, because lets face it- I'd laugh at my own face if I suggested it. But I will say this, it was surprisingly effective.
Worth a thousand shots.

The Tamed Gaga

Lady Gaga's style is outlandish, to the say the very least.
Most of us mere mortals could'nt wear what she wears everyday and get away with it. Not even on Halloween. Well depends on what your going for actually. Today, I spotted a picture in which she looks not so bizarre. Not bizarre at all actually. Quite nice tbh, whole outfit is pretty charming, and surprisingly ordinary (in Gaga world), and by ordinary I mean not inundated with quirks. I could totally do that look, without feeling like a freak - cos lessbehonest no one can successfully pull a Gaga without feeling like one. Yes, I would even wear the fascinator cos its kinda really cool, its just that I'm trying to hold a grudge against fascinators cos its a  Middleton inspired trend. And you know how I feel about that.

But look, isn't she looking really nice? How fun are the colors, the sunglasses and the normal hair? I think she should do these kinda looks more often. She doesn't need to prove how cool she is anymore.
We already know that very well.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Benetton's cheap (but brilliant) trick.

Obama and Hu Jintao

Benetton is such a drama it’s not even funny. Like really.
Waisey hee, I don't like the brand because they have such blah clothes. Like honestly at times it amazes me that the company is still alive and running, cos I'm not sure who exactly it is that actually goes inside their store. Ever. In fact, I don’t think I've seen a Benetton store in the last decade or so. Oh wait, I think I have. Anyway we all know how in like the 80s/90s they had this never ending campaign called 'United Colors of Benetton’, I think we all remember seeing those adverts featuring multi-racial people in multi-colored clothes right? Also, side note, but is it me or did everyone mistake the name of the campaign for the brand's actual name? I genuinely thought the brand was United Colors of Benetton. In fact I'm pretty sure it was because I remember the acronym UCB. Don't you? Weird.
Obama and Chavez
Anyway, so hoorah for their politically conscientious campaign back then, not to mention controversial / attention grabbing. Now, after ages they have decided to pull a similar campaign , that preaches the message of " unhate". They show this by showing prominent and well, cordial at best political leaders kissing. Yeah.  It really bothers me. Not for any other reason, but because what was not so apparent to me as a kid, is now crystal clear to me. They don't really care for world politics and human rights. It’s just sales and brand awareness. So to me, it seems like a low blow. A cheap trick you know? I'd much rather prefer if your open about your intent instead of hiding behind the damned "world peace" slogan that is flung around the media like dirty rag cloth in a messy kitchen. And on top of that they have blah clothes. The nerve I tell you.
Anyway, their new campaign preaches the message of unhate, cos you know of all the negativity in the world causing all these disasters like the debt crisis in Athens, and the Wall Street demonstrations. So through their campaign they want to bring about the message of a lil love. Because they care about the world so much na  (yet they continue making ---- clothes). Please, they just want to send some shockwaves in the media , to increase their brand awareness, to make it a part of the conversation, and well hopefully increase sales, cos according to a report last year, the company in the last decade has shown a mere 1.5% growth in sales.
The Pope and Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb
See, the reason I'm being unnecessarily mean to poor Benetton is because of what the deputy chairman of the company, Alessandro Benetton said to the Wall Street Journal about the new campaign.
"In a moment of darkness, with the financial crisis, what's going on in North African countries, in Athens, this is an attitude we can all embrace that can have positive energy."
"While global love is still a utopia, albeit a worthy one, the invitation 'not to hate', to combat the 'culture of hatred', is an ambitious but realistic objective," he said. 
"At this moment in history, so full of major upheavals and equally large hopes, we have decided, through this campaign, to give widespread visibility to an ideal notion of tolerance and invite the citizens of every country to reflect on how hatred arises particularly from fear of 'the other’ and of what is unfamiliar to us. Ours is a universal campaign, using instruments such as the internet, the world of social media, and artistic imagination, and it is unique, in that it calls the citizens of the world to action."

Kim Jong Il and Lee Myung-bak

I mean, that is such B.S, come on, we can all see through that na?  And I know that advertising and marketing has gone much lower than that to sell products. I have featured such examples in this very blog, but at least they are upfront about how dirty they are you know? They aren't hiding behind the morally correct oh-we-care-about-the-world curtain unlike Benetton.  
Merkel and Sarkozy
Yet, I have to say- in today’s day and age when conversation amounts almost anything, this was quite brilliant. I’m talking about it aren’t I?
If they really want to increase sales, I hope they are selling t-shirts based on those very advertisements. Then they're really onto something. But still, cheap trick B.
Netanyahu and Abbas
Tomorrow I'm going to check out Benetton's clothes cos Ive badmouthed  them so much that its only fair if they turn out to be quite nice.

Sexy Masterpeices

I came across such gorgeous watches today.
I think men's watches are infinitely sexier than women’s. Like I don't think I'd ever waste a huge chunk of my money (or even a small chunk for that matter) on a watch-a women's watch- because I don't really wear them. But if I were to ever invest in a time piece, for pure aesthetic purposes, it would have to be a man’s. I think they're gorgeous, and fit me way more than small delicate chain-ey types with diamonds you know? I just think it’s so interesting to see a man’s watch on a women’s wrist. Even in men's watches- I like the simple round dial and leather strap styles.  Not the metallic chain ones. A simple white dial, with a rose gold finish and shiny black strap is as sexy as it gets. Like the Frédérique Constant one below.I know I’ve used the word sexy a hundred times now, but nothing else comes to mind.

Frédérique Constant, Tourbillon

Okay so before I present my list, you have to understand I' m not a watch fanatic so I don't know my Piagets from my Ulysse Nardins , and I definitely don't know the difference between an Chronograph and a Tourbillon. I selected them on pure face value, not on technique, body, craftsmanship, blah, blah (insert technical watch terms) they might not be actual masterpieces but to me they are. I’ve had true blue watch fanatics try to explain to be where the difference lies, and how you differentiate between a divine and human watch, so I know people tend to be real passionate about them, but these selections are not based on those classifications. Oh also, what’s up with them being soooo expensive? If I didn't know any better I'd think that I was buying the philosopher's stone. I mean, I refuse to believe they actually cost even half of that much to make you know?
Cartier, Rotonde de Cartier Astroregulateur

Acha, also I'm having trouble deciding which one I'd want to buy. They’re all so gorgeous. Some of them are ho-hum, but some are wow-sexy. I hate to go for Cartier since it such a cliché, but I loved the watch. It speaks to me most, I think. Haan, it’s a completely different thing that it costs 94,000 pounds. Who even buys them? What do they do for a living? Where can I meet them?
Ulysses Nardin, HMS Caesa
 I loved the Ulysses Nardin one as well, it’s not a classic at all- but it’s so cool. So eccentric and elegant at
the same time and you don’t see that combo often you know?

Audemars Piguet,Royal Oak

Baume & Mercier, 44 mm Capeland Flyback
Breguet, Classique Hora Mundi

Bell & Ross , WW1

Ellicott, Majesty Chronograph
Chronoswiss, Balance Chronograph

Cuervo y Sobrinos, The Blue Historiador

Piaget, The Emperador